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Underfloor Heating LeedsUnderfloor heating Leeds

Underfloor heating is the perfect way to keep your home warm.

While the cost of fitting underfloor heating can be higher than traditional radiators, the savings on energy and efficiency will pay for themselves over time. Plus, it has the additional benefit that underfloor heating increases value of a property.

Benefits of underfloor heating

  • Low maintenance costs
  • More energy efficient than radiators
  • Consistency of heating
  • Better for people with respiratory illnesses (studies show that underfloor heating can reduce the amount of dust mites present by up to 80%)
  • Flexibility in room temperature (each room has its own thermostat)
  • No unsightly radiators taking up space or causing a safety hazard

Underfloor heating Leeds

We offer a full underfloor heating service, from planning to commissioning to installing.

We can advise of the best products, whether that is water based, electricity based, low profile or multiple zone.




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Our Customers Say "Mick’s service was outstanding – he was here within an hour of me calling with the news our boiler had broken and had a new one installed within 24. The new boiler is clearly top quality, but the price was better than other quotes we’ve had in the past." - Kat, Leeds

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Buying a new boiler is a significant investment, and for many families it can be a struggle to find the funds. But when a boiler breaks down, it becomes a necessity.
We offer a boiler finance service to spread the cost of getting a new boiler and make it more affordable.

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