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Central Heating Installation Leeds

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For more information about radiator based central heatings systems, read on.

We are able to offer a full servicing and repair service for all types of radiators, as well as supply and installation of new systems.

Radiators not working properly

Common radiator problems:

  • Leaking
  • Uneven heating
  • Not getting hot at all
  • Noisy clanking, banging and gurgling

If you are having any of the problems listed above, then do get in touch so we can get your radiators working efficiently again.

They may simply need bleeding, there could be a corroded valve that needs replacing, or there may be sludge or rust blocking the pipes.

Once we’ve had a look, we’ll be able to diagnose and advise.

Improving radiator efficiency

There are a number of ways a radiator based central heating system can be optimised to ensure maximum efficiency for the lowest cost. Here are a few of the ways

  • Bleeding the radiators to remove trapped air
  • Flushing the system of debris
  • Installing a Magnaclean Filter to maintain a debris free system
  • Thermostatic controls on radiators

If you’d like to discuss the cost and potential benefits of any of these services, just give us a call for a free, no pressure chat.

New radiator central heating systems

If you need a new set of radiators, then do make sure you get a quote from us, as we are able to offer radiators at very competitive prices because of our trade contacts.

This may be to replace a very old, inefficient system, to heat a new conservatory or extension, or for a new construction.

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Our Customers Say "Mick’s service was outstanding – he was here within an hour of me calling with the news our boiler had broken and had a new one installed within 24. The new boiler is clearly top quality, but the price was better than other quotes we’ve had in the past." - Kat, Leeds

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Need Some Financial Help?

Buying a new boiler is a significant investment, and for many families it can be a struggle to find the funds. But when a boiler breaks down, it becomes a necessity.
We offer a boiler finance service to spread the cost of getting a new boiler and make it more affordable.

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